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White Identity

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Whilst other races are encouraged to identify with their own people, seek out each other and build communities, Whites are discouraged. Whilst a Black mother’s group is seen as wholesome and deserving of funding and support, a White mother’s group would be called ‘racist’. Our article explores what’s happening and how it’s as important and valid for Whites to associate as a group as it is for any other race.

Now called ‘White Supremacy’

This week we’ve seen a significant ratcheting up in the language and concepts used to defame White people. Three antiwhite stories came to light, from across countries and disciplines. Each advancing the language used to vilify us to new levels and all carrying the same message – White supremacy is simply White people existing in White societies.

Real History of Slavery in 2 Mins.

A series of short videos, based on an essay by Thomas Sowell ‘The Real History of Slavery’ which correct the narrow and distorted way slavery is too often portrayed these days.

230 Antiwhite Charities

The day after Barnardo’s antiwhite post, ACEVO whose membership includes leaders of small, community based groups, medium-sized organisations, and national and international not-for-profits.” tweeted a statement in full and total support of their stance on ‘White Privilege’. 230 not-for-profit organisations signed the statement.

Failed White Children

The manner is which White children are being isolated, stigmatised and discriminated against reveals just how anti-White and morally bankrupt our society is. We look at the data and the lives of some of the UK’s most deprived children.

Barnardo’s – Coordinated Action

Our article provides details of the antiwhite messages pushed by Barnardo’s. We look at the harm they are causing; the inaccuracies and false information in their material; and we provide a step-by-step guide to filing a serious complaint to their regulator, the Charity Commission.

Why White?

The White identity of this website causes concern for some people. Given the antiwhite narrative of our time this is understandable. This page seeks to explain where we are coming from and why.

It’s a ‘Joke’

Hate crime legislation was developed to protect all racial groups, but it is clear that when hate is directed against White people this legislation fails.

Struggle Sessions

During the Cultural Revolution, struggle sessions were used by the Chinese Communist Party as a means of influencing and controlling the population. They involved forcing confessions from ‘class enemies’ in front of jeering crowds. The public humiliation of White people in the West, be it voluntary, coerced or imposed, is reminiscent of these staged confessions.

We Were Never Asked

Mass migration and multiculturalism in the West are not natural phenomena, they are planned and orchestrated; the objective being to change our homelands from homogenous nations, where Western culture is the norm, into multi-ethnic landmasses devoid of shared culture, values or beliefs.


Holodomor is the name given to the genocide of Ukrainian peasants in 1932 to 1933, just six years before the outbreak of WW2. Based on documents and photos we tell the story of how 7 to 10 million men, women and children died of enforced starvation. They were targeted for extermination because they would not submit to the Bolshevik’s communist regime; they valued their nation; and they wanted to retain their own way of life.


“Why would anyone wish to arbitrarily understate an evil that plagued mankind for thousands of years unless it was not this evil itself that was the real concern, but rather the present-day uses of that historical evil. Clearly, the ability to score ideological points against American society or Western Civilization or to induce guilt and thereby extract benefits from the white population today are greatly enhanced by making enslavement appear to be a peculiarly American, or a peculiarly white, crime.” Thomas Sowell.

Unity News Network Interview

WhiteSpaceOnline is one of many voices campaigning for the right of White people, and people of all races, to be White positive. We want to see a return to a time where White ethnicities were not portrayed as uniquely bad and harmful to others.

Classroom Antiwhite Indoctrination

Videos from the UK and US illustrate the toxic nature of the antiwhite narrative taught to our children and young adults. White kids are indoctrinated to believe they have privilege they do not deserve and have not earned; that they’re inherently racist and their ancestors uniquely evil. 

Antiwhite Ideology

The antiwhite ideology of critical race theory, which is forced on adults, children, and even infants has infected every aspect of our lives. It’s an industry in itself. Volumes could be presented here on its core message and ramifications. Instead let’s go to the crux of what it is; the doctrine of critical race theory is that one race, the White race, is inherently evil and Whites are responsible for all ills that befall non Whites.

The Commission for Countering Extremism’s recent report, Operating with Impunity published February 2021, encapsulates the extreme antiwhite nature of British society

This 20 minute video demonstrates how the report attempts to silence legitimate debate about what’s happening to the native White people of Britain, while at the same time doing nothing to address the antiwhite rhetoric which has become the norm in our society and which itself creates a climate conducive to hatred against White people. 

Black & Asian

Being an advocate for your own race can, and for us does, go hand-in-hand with wishing the same wellbeing for others races. It is not only White people who speak against the antiwhite indoctrination so prevalent in our society. We’re dedicating this page to non-Whites who have spoken against antiwhite hate.

NHS Whiteness a Problem for Our Time

This article needs to be read to understand the full meaning of the seminar’s title “Whiteness a Problem for Our Time”. There has never been a satisfactory description of a White person devoid of Whiteness, because no such person exists, nor can they. The title would more honestly read “White People – a Problem for Our Time”.

Countering Extremism 3. Victims

The report presents Whites as perpetrators, not as victims. This is the norm in our society. Our article looks at the implications of this on society’s willingness and ability to protect the physical safety of White people.

The question is asked, if the Commission for Countering Extremism’s recommendations are enacted, will this further impact on the ability of Whites to speak up for their and others safety.

Countering Extremism 4. White children

The Commission for Countering Extremism’s report propagates the message that White people can only be the oppressors or the perpetrators; non Whites can never be these things. They are always the victims. By so doing the authors shut the door on people of any race, but particularly White people, speaking out for the safety and wellbeing of White people. White children sacrificed on the alter of multiculturalism and multiethnicity would be an accurate description.

Countering Extremism 1. Introduction

On 24th February 2021 CCE published a legal review examining whether existing legislation adequately deals with ‘hateful extremism’. This review is of major significance for those who value free speech and those who seek to stop the persecution of White people. Their report threatens the ability of Whites to speak out legally against what is happening to us. If its recommendations are converted into a legal framework, those speaking up for White people will be silenced.

Countering Extremism 2. Antiwhite

In this article we explore how ‘hateful extremism’ identified in the report is, at times, no more than people standing up for the human rights of Whites. We also expose how the report, while identifying ‘hateful extremism’ committed by Whites, simultaneously fails to expose or counter the extreme hate White people are subjected to in the UK

Antiwhite Training under President Trump

A major advancement in tackling the destructive antiwhite ideology in America came on 22nd September 2020, when President Trump announced that critical race theory would be banned from all Federal Agencies. On the first day of President Biden’s administration the directive was rescinded.

UK Government on Antiwhite Teaching (E&W)

On Tuesday 20 October 2020 in a House of Commons debate on Black History Month, Kemi Badenoch MP and Equalities Minister stated that teaching White privilege and inherited racial guilt as fact, is breaking the law. Her statement is clear and unequivocal.

Tony Timpa (1984 – 2016)

The death of George Floyd created perhaps the most significant ‘anti-racist’ movement ever seen, fired by the narrative that ‘the killing of George Floyd was a racist murder which proves systemic racism is rife across the West’. Our article shows this narrative to be unproven and unjustified.

Covington Boys

Within hours of an encounter between these boys and a group of Native American Indians a video had gone viral. Activists, prepared to destroy these boy’s lives to advance their cause, pushed a narrative which led to vilification of and death threats against the school boys. This article looks at how this happened, and how justice was eventually achieved for the Covington boys.

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