Antiwhite Indoctrination 2022

A series of articles looking at antiwhite indoctrination of our children through the illegal teaching of critical race theory in schools in England.

Indoctrination of our Children

This article is the first in a series on antiwhite indoctrination in schools in England and Wales in 2022. The antiwhite indoctrination we are referring to is critical race theory (CRT). At it’s simplest CRT can be described as a political theory that portrays Whites as uniquely and irredeemably bad and nonwhites as victims.

A Missed Opportunity

A short review of how the new guidance on political impartiality in schools has added nothing to the fight against the abhorrent teaching of critical race theory.

Whistle Blowers against Antiwhite indoctrination in Schools

The teaching of the harmful doctrine is of critical race theory is only going to end if enough pressure is put on schools and the government to make it end. In order to help make this happen WSO are setting up a Whistle Blowers site so concerned parents, teachers, governors and others can report the teaching of critical race theory in schools. 

The White Supremacy of White Children

White Supremacy has long been a word that elicits fear and anger. It is seen as abhorrent and requiring of control and eradication. It is perceived as a direct threat to the well being and safety of nonwhites – and now it is being applied to White children in our schools.

Published 21 February 2022

Updated 16 March 2022