Antiwhite Narratives

A main focus of our site is to challenge the antiwhite narrative that pervades the West. Most of us grew with the belief that people should be judged on their individual actions not on their race. Yet the narrative on Whites is that we are a collective and, as a race and as individuals within that race, we are accountable not only for the actions of each and every White individual, but also of our ancestors. Alongside this runs the message that those actions (both then and now) are uniquely bad and harmful to other races.

Here we profile some of the organisations that push these messages, and the peaceful and legal means we are taking to counter their narrative.

NHS Discrimination Against White People

A letter sent to MPs, Ministers and relevant organisations, asking them what they intend to do to stop illegal discrimination against White people by the NHS. The letter details this discrimination, which is in contravention of the Equalities Act 2010. Please make your voice heard – download and send to your MP.

Now called ‘White Supremacy’

This week we’ve seen a significant ratcheting up in the language and concepts used to defame White people. Three antiwhite stories came to light, from across countries and disciplines. Each advancing the language used to vilify us to new levels and all carrying the same message – White supremacy is simply White people existing in White societies.

Whiteness a problem for our time

This article needs to be read to understand the full meaning of the seminar’s title “Whiteness a Problem for Our Time”. There has never been a satisfactory description of a White person devoid of Whiteness, because such a thing does not and never can exist. They even tells us so in the seminar. The title would more honestly read “White People and White children – a Problem for Our Time”. No one, not even four year old White girls, like the one in the image, escape vilification.


Our article provides details of the antiwhite messages pushed by Barnardo’s via Twitter and their website. We look at the harm they are causing; the inaccuracies and false information in their material; and we provide a step-by-step guide to filing a serious complaint to their regulator, the Charity Commission.

Two Hundred & Thirty Antiwhite Charities

The day after Barnardo’s antiwhite post, ACEVO whose membership includes “leaders of small, community based groups, ambitious medium-sized organisations, and well known, well-loved national and international not-for-profits.” tweeted a statement in full and total support of their stance on ‘White Privilege’.

Incitement of Antiwhite Hate

Our article looks at antiwhite hate across the media and society at large, together with more detailed reviews of specific projects which unambiguously incite hatred against White people. Our motivation in profiling these projects is to expose the pervasive antiwhite ideology of leading organisations, many of which are government funded. It is these organisations that create an environment where antiwhite views are encouraged and rewarded.

Antiwhite Ideology

The antiwhite ideology of critical race theory, which is forced on adults, children, and even infants has infected every aspect of our lives. It’s an industry in itself. Volumes could be presented here on its core message and ramifications. Instead let’s go to the crux of what it is; the doctrine of critical race theory is that one race, the White race, is inherently evil and Whites are responsible for all ills that befall non Whites.

Published 25 January 2021

Updated 18 February 2021