Being White

Articles that describe the lives of White people.

It’s a ‘Joke

Hate crime legislation was developed to protect all racial groups, but it is clear that when hate is directed against White people this legislation fails.

Failed White Children

The manner is which White children are being isolated, stigmatised and discriminated against reveals just how anti-White and morally bankrupt our society is.

Use the information here to counter the lies used to vilify our children and young people. We need to make it totally unacceptable to push this anti-White propaganda. Even some MP’s are speaking out on behalf of White children now. Truth is on our side, let’s use it.

White Identity

Whilst other races are encouraged to identify with their own people, seek out each other and build communities, Whites are discouraged. Whilst a Black mother’s group is seen as wholesome and deserving of funding and support from the state, a White mother’s group would be called ‘racist’. Our article explores what’s happening and how it’s as important and valid for Whites to associate as a group as it is for any other race.

We Were Never Asked

Mass migration and multiculturalism in the West are not natural phenomena, they are planned and orchestrated; the objective being to change our homelands from homogenous nations, where Western culture is the norm, into multi-ethnic landmasses devoid of shared culture, values or beliefs.

Published 25 January 2021