Countering Extremism 4. White Children

Many reasons have been cited for the authorities turning a blind eye to the rape and torture of White children, and the failure of the press to report on either the abuse itself, or the police and other services allowing the abuse to continue.

Of these, perhaps the most significant explanations for the authorities turning a blind eye, and the press being silent, are:

  • They were / are fearful of being accused on being ‘racist’;
  • It is taboo to talk about ethnicity or race when that ethnicity or race is non white and it is doing something bad;
  • Talking about the rape of White children by predominantly non white men would fuel ‘tension in society’ and ‘feed the far right’.

Let’s be totally clear about this, White children continued and continue to be raped and abused, even killed, because adults of all races were, and are, unable to bring themselves to talk about it.

In January 2011 the first MSM article to expose the grooming gangs was published. It was written by Andrew Norfolk for The Times. Notice the references to ‘fear of being branded racist’, ‘too scared to address the ethnicity factor’ and ‘taboo’:

Notice too in the Guardian article below, there is no such taboo or restrictions on attributing race, if the race involved is White.

The Guardian article states that most child abuse gangs are made up of White men. We are not going to debate the relative numbers of different races involved in the sexual abuse of children here, but we are going to talk about how the different treatment of White and non White abusers has led directly to incalculable suffering of White child victims.

Where it’s White men who abuse children, there is never a problem with bringing them to court because of their race or ethnicity. No one has ever said “We will ignore child abuse by White men because we don’t want to be seen as ‘racist’; because it’s taboo; because it will damage community cohesion”. But White children were and are left to the mercy of non White abusers for EXACTLY those reasons.

Which brings us to the next explanation for the abuse of White children by non White men being ignored, covered up and silenced. Andrew Norfolk was the first journalist to cover the story, but even he had been ignoring what he suspected was happening for some eight years. “As the years passed, I could not escape a nagging feeling that I hadn’t done my job properly. I’d looked the other way rather than seek to establish the truth.” Andrew Norfolk 2014. Why?

Why? Andrew Norfolk explains in his article (above); “The suggestion that men from a minority ethnic background were committing sex crimes against white children was always going to be the far right’s fantasy story come true.”

By labeling those who had spoken up for abused children as ‘far right’ and ‘bad’ society has very effectively silenced people.

In case there is any remaining skepticism that the police and authorities did ignore the victims of abuse just a few of the many stories:

What has this all got to do with the Commission for Countering Extremism review? Put bluntly their review reads like a manual for silencing those who speak up for the victims of grooming gangs and against the cover-up by police and other agencies. All the factors identified as contributing to the silence and lack of action by the authorities and the media, are ratcheted up in this report.

The extract below shows how the report frames Tommy Robinson and Rebel Media raising the profile of a White woman who had allegedly been attacked by non White men as inciting hatred against Asian and Muslims men and exploiting local tensions. If the races were switched this would be called journalism.

How are people to report on non White crime that may have been ignored or covered up by police if doing so is characterised as inciting hatred and ‘hateful extremism’?

It is noted that society, and the authors of this report, have no such problem with those who accuse White people of all manner of wrong-doing against non Whites. Whilst accusing non Whites is ‘hateful extremism’, accusing Whites is ‘correcting social injustices’.

The Commission for Countering Extremism’s report propagates the message that White people can only be the oppressors or the preparators; non Whites can never be these things. They are always the victims. By so doing the authors shut the door on people of any race, but particularly White people, speaking out for the safety and wellbeing of White people. White children sacrificed on the altar of multiculturalism and multiethnicity would be an accurate description.

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Commission for Countering Extremism legal review. A purportedly ‘independent’ review examining whether existing legislation adequately deals with hateful extremism.

Commission for Counter Extremism Review

Published 8 March 2021