Countering Extremism 5. WSO Videos

The Commission for Countering Extremism’s recent report, Operating with Impunity published February 2021, encapsulates the extreme antiwhite nature of British society. 

This 20 minute video demonstrates how the report attempts to silence legitimate debate about what’s happening to the native White people of Britain, while at the same time doing nothing to address the antiwhite rhetoric which has become the norm in our society and which itself creates a climate conducive to hatred against White people. 

A series of shorter videos (all under 2 minutes 20 seconds) are also posted below. It is important people understand the implications of the proposed new legislative framework. Please feel free to download the short videos and post of Twitter and/or other platforms.

Operating the Impunity What the Report Means for White People – YouTube

Main video presented in a series of bit sized chunks (2 minutes each):

Other articles in our series on the Commission for Countering Extremism recent report:

Published 24 March 2021