Antiwhite Schools

Classroom Antiwhite Indoctrination

Videos from the UK and US illustrate the toxic nature of the antiwhite narrative taught to our children and young adults. White kids are indoctrinated to believe they have privilege they do not deserve and have not earned; that they’re inherently racist and that their ancestors were uniquely evil. Non-White kids are told they are the victims, held back and oppressed by White people. The dangerous ramifications of these messages are not difficult to understand.

Government on Antiwhite teaching (E&W)

On Tuesday 20 October 2020 in a House of Commons debate on Black History Month, Kemi Badenoch MP and Equalities Minister stated that teaching White privilege and inherited racial guilt as fact, is breaking the law. Her statement is clear and unequivocal.

Antiwhite Training under President Trump

A major advancement in tackling the destructive antiwhite ideology in America came on 22nd September 2020, when President Trump announced that critical race theory would be banned from all Federal Agencies.

On the first day of President Biden’s administration the directive was rescinded.

Published 19 February 2021