‘Dismantling Whiteness’ – a response

On 17 April 2021 the University of Oxford held a full-day conference entitled “Dismantling Whiteness: Critical White Theology“. Our article looks at the message the title conveys, intentionally or otherwise, and how it dehumanises White folk.

Few people will get beyond their headline, even fewer will have attended the full-day conference, but 100’s of 1,000’s will have read the title and subconsciously or consciously imbibed its message. Which is? What does ‘Dismantling Whiteness’ mean in the English language?

Dismantling: to destroy the integrity of; to cause to stop functioning; to take to pieces.

Similar words – pull part, dissemble, demolish, tear down, destroy.

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Whiteness: the fact or state of belonging to a population group that has light pigmentation the skin. The fact or state of being White.

That is the White race, the peoples of European descent.

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Taken literally ‘Dismantling Whiteness’ means to take apart and destroy the integrity of White people. Can anyone give a good reason as to why people should be expected to take any other meaning, than this literal one?

Given the sensitive nature of discussions on race and the already hostile environment created for White people, the University of Oxford would surely not have used this phrase without careful consideration as to how it would be interpreted?

We are assured by some that ‘Whiteness’ doesn’t mean what the dictionary definition tells us it means. On twitter for instance, Al Barett, a vicar, states that Dismantling Whiteness has nothing to do with hating White people and does not refer to people of European descent:

The replies to his post says it all:

“If you’ve got to try to explain you might wanna reword it.”

“Might want to give it a better name then.”

“Give a concept an inflammatory name. N-No, actually it doesn’t mean that at all, honest!”

So the question is, why would the University of Oxford hold a conference using a title which calls for the integrity of the White race and White people to be destroyed?

It is not just dictionary definitions that equate Whiteness to White people. The Nation has 1.2 million followers on Twitter. In a recent article on its website, entitled I Am Not Ready to Reenter White Society, Elie Mystal refers to Whiteness and to White people as though they are one and the same.

Elie Mystal, is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School and is The Nation‘s justice correspondent. He’s a frequent guest on MSNBC and Sirius XM. He is presumably a highly intelligent person, as well as being influential, and when he reads ‘Whiteness’ he sees White people.

There are numerous others who also use the term Whiteness to describe Whites. All these people, we must assume, and those they influence can be expected to regard the University of Oxford’s conference as referring to White people.

Even if there was only an inkling of a suggestion that Whiteness could mean White people how could the University of Oxford be so insensitive as to talk about dismantling Whiteness.

The word means to stop functioning, destroy integrity of, disassemble. They very thing that has intentionally been inflicted on White people in our country.

In 2017 an Islamist terrorist murdered twenty two White victims. The youngest of whom, Saffie-Rose Roussos, was only eight years old. Salman Abedi used a bomb packed with 3,000 nuts and bolts. It was designed to ensure maximum damage. The victims bodies were torn apart by the explosion.

The twenty two White victims of the Manchester Arena terrorist attack
Image from the Manchester Arena after the attack 2017

Emily Jones a little White girl of only seven years old had her throat slit by a stranger on Mother’s day while playing in the park.

Eleven year old Ebba Åkerlund died when a terrorist mowed her down as she walked home from school in Stockholm.

Those who have seen the images of her body will never forget. Presumably the people running the University of Oxford conference, who blithely talk about dismantling Whiteness, never did.

On the 1 April the guilty verdict on a 24-year-old man who murdered and dismembered, cleanly and neatly according to reports, a young White woman, Lorraine Cox was announced. Just sixteen days later the University of Oxford hold a conference entitled Dismantling Whiteness.

The story is harrowing, and the screenshots below come with a graphic warning. Azam Mangori killed her and dismembered her, but her family will never know how she died and how much she suffered.

There are other violent murders of White people in the UK. While their deaths may be reported, the fact that they were White is rarely mentioned. Their race is assumed to be incidental. Society shies away from ever reporting White people as victims. Perhaps this is what allows the University of Oxford to get away with headlining ‘Dismantling Whiteness’. This is not an excuse for their actions, it’s a reflection on just how far the dehumanisation of Whites has become endemic in our society.

Published 19 April 2021