Go Free with Jason Köhne

Jason Köhne has led the way in promoting White Wellbeing and exposing the antiwhite hatred so prevalent in Western societies. Go Free, his creation, is respectful of all races while being absolutely centered on ensuring Westernkind are treated with the respect and dignity deserved by all peoples.

Jason’s welcome speech invites you to Go Free.

Welcome to White Wellbeing – YouTube

Jason Köhne’s first book Born Guilty will help, you, your family and your friends Go Free:

“Enslaved by those proclaiming themselves “emancipators,” exploited by those calling themselves ‘liberators,’ ours is an extraordinary oppression because we are named ‘oppressors’ at birth, an egregious persecution because we are named ‘persecutor’ at birth. Ours is a tormentor that justifies escalating cruelty by merely invoking our names. Ours is an inescapable affliction because atonement cannot be made for a grievance never committed, nor will peace ever be made with one so named at birth.” Jason Köhne

More recently Jason produced Go Free: A Guide to Aligning with the Archetype of Westernkind.

“Over the course of his life, author, adventurer, entrepreneur, and pro-Western advocate, Jason Köhne, has changed the lives of many with a formula he developed, refined, and has now codified in Go Free, A Guide to Aligning with the Archetype of Westernkind. His Archetype Alignment Protocol (AAP) is designed to empower you by teaching you to identify and neutralize antiwhite precepts in yourself and your environment, to turn the prevalence and authority of antiwhite doctrine against the antiwhites, and to awaken a sane and healthy white identity.”

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If you are an antiwhite of any race, whether you profile yourself as a woke individual or a nationalist, Jason will expose your wrong doing. Likewise those of an race who serve White Wellbeing are welcomed and supported.

Go Free

Published 20 February 2021