Go Free

Featuring Jason Köhne who has lead the way in promoting White wellbeing and exposing the antiwhite ideology being used to harm us; Jared George who has contributed so much including beauty and art to our culture; and Unity News Network who provided us with a platform for discuss the White positive sphere.

Go Free with Jason Köhne

Jason Köhne has led the way in promoting White Wellbeing. Go Free, his creation, is respectful of all races while being absolutely centered on ensuring Westernkind are treated with the respect and dignity deserved by all peoples. If you are an antiwhite of any race, whether you profile yourself as a woke individual or a nationalist, Jason will expose your wrong doing. Likewise those of an race who serve White Wellbeing are welcomed and supported.

Insight & Art from Jared George

A heart-felt thank you to Jared George for profiling our WhiteSpaceOnline project in recent broadcasts. We are honoured that our work was featured in several interviews where Jared explained the ambition and content of our website. Jared George, his work, his poetry and his music.

Unity News Network Interview

WhiteSpaceOnline is one of many voices campaigning for the right of White people, and people of all races, to be White positive. We want to see a return to a time where White ethnicities were not portrayed as uniquely bad and harmful to others. We can only achieve this through discussion, through having our voices heard, through intelligent debate where all sides are allowed to express their views.

Published 25 January 2021