Insight & Art from Jared George

A heart-felt thank you to Jared George for profiling our WhiteSpaceOnline project in recent broadcasts. It’s awesome that our work was featured in several interviews where Jared explained the ambition and content of the website. We love how he put the project into the context of everyone discovering how they can have agency. How together we can model the society we envision for the future, each contributing in our own valued way.

Jared George, his work, his poetry and his music:

Late last year Jared George joined Red Ice TV on their November 5th post-US election special. The perspectives he shares here are both different and motivating. A time of change he says, presents opportunities that we can use to the benefit of ourselves and our people:

“We are living in a time of transition, and there is going to be chaos and it’s ugly, and people are going to suffer and I don’t make light of that. But this has to happen to reveal the lies that we are living under. There is a bit of a silver lining; we have to be asking ourselves, and we have to be asking ourselves every day, how we can see the opportunity in that. How can we have agency in that because they want you to be in a state of fear – they want you to be in a state of perpetual fight or flight.” Jared George

“Symbolically is how people are convinced anyway.” Jared explains, as he talks about the need to have a three dimensional reality, the importance of pursuing your individual talents and how each of us can do this.

As a White positive advocate Jared has contributed so much. He co-organised 2019’s ‘Last Message to the West’ video contest. The link takes you to a beautiful website feature every one of the videos submitted. His articles and videos discussions with No White Guilt, Counter Currents, Jody Kay and so many others can be watched on TheGreatOrder.Com website

Jared in an artist, which shows in all his work. A beautiful poem featured in the third edition of WPQ magazine:

Spring Singing by Jared George featured in the third edition of WPQ magazine.

Music is Jared’s greatest passion and we are honoured to included Jared’s debut and second songs on our website. Jared’s plan is to release a new song every month. It’s brilliant and uplifting to see this talent in our community. Subscribe to Jared’s website and music page to stay informed about future releases.

We’d like to end with a few words from Jared written by himself. Thank you again for all your work Jared and insightful perspectives on our White positive sphere.

“I just want to extend my thanks to WSO for putting together this concise feature and all the work that you do.  It goes to show how we all are creating a positive vision forward.

For anyone interested, my social media links can be found here. There’s also a mailing list you can sign up for on that page, that is the best way to make sure we do not fall out of contact. The site for The After Party livestream I do with Jason Köhne of No White Guilt can be reached here. Also I regularly do a salon-style livestream with author and Arktos editor, John Bruce Leonard, called Learning In Public.”

Thank you Jared.

Published 23 January 2021