Until recently racism has been defined as believing your race is inherently superior to others; having adverse preconceived beliefs about others, based on their race; hostility to members of another race; and discrimination against other races.

Anyone could be racist. Anyone could be the victim of racism.

Critical Social Justice activists maintain this definition is unacceptable, as it takes no account of ‘power structures’ and ‘systemic racism’ which, they say, work in favour of White people and against non-Whites. Their revised definition, that racism is ‘prejudice combined with social and institutional power’ is now widespread in its use, from MSM editorials to ‘woke’ teaching in schools and adult education.

The images below are from an article in The Metro (March 2020), which claims to be the UK’s highest circulation, print newspaper.

Dictionaries are now starting to follow the ‘woke’ activists lead. After being contacted by Kennedy Mitchum, a Graduate at Drake University, Merriam-Webster agreed to update their definition of racism. Mitchum wrote to them saying “Racism is not only prejudice against a certain race due to the color of a persons skin, as it states in your dictionary. It is both prejudice combined with social and institutional power. It is a system of advantage based on skin color.” In their reply (below) Merriam-Webster state they are in agreement with the need for change and that racism and other words related to racism or with racial connotations will be revised.

Soon the dictionary definition of racism will be revised and, as the Guardian so succinctly puts it, it is “a blow to arguments that end with “well, this is the dictionary definition of racism.” Yet another counter to the ‘woke’ agenda quashed by simply redefining a word.

So now we live in an environment where only Whites can be accused of racism, and only non-Whites can be seen as the victims.

Impact of this new definition The power balance in Western societies does not favour White people and this revised definition puts White children and adults at a further disadvantage; giving them less protection from the actions of individuals, organisations and society.

The newly defined ‘racism’ portrays Whites as abusers and non-Whites as victims, adding to the vilification of White people based on their race. The irony of this should shame the ‘woke’ activists. It doesn’t.

As this site grows we will prove again and again that the majority of Whites in Western societies do not have power and that our societies, rather than favouring Whites, act against them. For now let’s remember that in both the US and UK the White populations, who built these nations, are becoming minorities against their will; that is not power.

The word ‘voluntarily’ is debatable.

Countering the language Asking the question “Is being forced to become a minority in the country your ancestors built, your only homeland, against your expressed will, an indication of power or lack of power?” is an option.

The alternative is to reject the language of the ‘woke’ activists altogether and counter it from our own perspective. The White race comprises many ethnic groups. These groups are as deserving of protection as any other. Where individuals, organisations or society work against our interests in our only homelands they are antiwhite.

A cut and paste PDF of the Guardian article in full is posted below. The article was written in 2000 and covers the US, UK and countries across the West. More detailed statistics on the demographics of Western countries to follow shortly.

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Article published 6 September 2020