Whistle Blowers against Antiwhite indoctrination in Schools

Within days of the government publishing its new guidance on teaching partisan political views in schools, the National Association for the Teaching of English (NATE) urges teachers to use the concepts of white privilege, white fragility and whiteness studies in the classroom.

It is illegal to teach these concepts as fact in schools in England, but the government’s guidance fails to deliver this message or to warn schools of the legal consequences of doing so. No wonder NATE, which counts a third of the country’s secondary schools as members, feels emboldened to urge teachers to ignore and break the law.

GCSE English exams ‘uphold whiteness’, teachers told in national body’s seminar (telegraph.co.uk)

Teaching critical race theory and white privilege in the classroom is illegal. The Equalities Minister stated this in the House of Commons on 20th October 2020.

Yet the response to NATE by the Department for Education lacks conviction and fails to convey the message that such teaching will not be tolerated: “Teachers are required to be politically impartial and should not promote contested theories as fact in the classroom. We have published extensive guidance to help schools meet their legal duties in this area.”

GCSE English exams ‘uphold whiteness’, teachers told in national body’s seminar (telegraph.co.uk)
NATE (an educational charity)

The teaching of this harmful doctrine is only going to end if enough pressure is put on schools and the government to make it end. In order to help make this happen WSO are setting up a Whistle Blowers site so concerned parents, teachers, governors and others can report the teaching of critical race theory in schools. This information will allow us to build a picture of the scale of this illegal activity; publicise what’s happening through our website; expose the schools to the national media; and put pressure on the schools concerned, government and other relevant organisations to take action to get it stopped .

Please complete this form to report the teaching of antiwhite beliefs and/or critical race theory. The information you provide will be used anonymously. Your name (real or an alias) and your email address will be treated as confidential and will not be passed on to any individual or organisation. If you have any questions about the form or our actions please email WSO at contact@whitespaceonline.org. Thank you.

Shortly after completing the form you will hear from us via your email address. We will let you know the information has arrived safely and our proposed actions.

Published 4 March 2021