White Identity

WSO is a space for White people, and those of other races who advocate for White people. Our government and society supports and even encourages Blacks and Asians to identify with, and have pride in, their race; seek out and mix with their own people; enjoy their own culture; and preserve their race. The same needs to become true for White people.

This is the story of how Whites are deterred from seeing themselves as part of the wider White community, while other races are encouraged.

Identifying with your race and seeking out that community

Being with people of your own race is recognised as something Blacks and Asians living in the West would naturally and understandably want to do. Groups are created for non-Whites to do just this.

Black and Asian Business networks are created so companies can work together for the benefit of their racial group. The media promotes Black and Asian businesses and government provides funds for non-White companies.

However for Whites the situation could not be more different. Neither our media nor governments in the UK or America, promote or fund specifically White businesses. Any suggestion of a White business network would lead to accusations of ‘racism’ and ‘supremacy’.

That these countries are White countries so such support isn’t needed is not a credible argument. Firstly many of our cities and towns are no longer majority White; secondly funding to non-White businesses puts Whites at a competitive disadvantage irrespective of demographics and thirdly it’s not just that White groups are not encouraged, they are actively vilified.

Dating and creating a family

Explore the dating scene and the same picture emerges. UK Black and Asian dating sites where people of the same race can meet, find a partner, marry and raise a Black or Asian family can be found at the click of a button.

There are no White dating sites in the UK. One was set up in America., where it had to defend itself against accusations of racism from the media and local communities. Billboards promoting the site had to be removed. In the UK the dating site was called racist, with Zach Stafford, Guardian columnist, saying anyone who used it is very likely to hold other racist beliefs.

The message is – creating a Black family or an Asian family in the West is fine, but creating a White family is ‘racist’. At the same time we’re told it’s White people who have ‘privilege’ and the support of Western institutions. The contradiction is glaring.

How are White people portrayed?

For the sake of completeness let’s look at how Whites are portrayed when, as a result of our common culture and values, we simply do similar things at the same time.

Too many Whites is the cry

Watching ballet; having an interest in the environment; running or cycling; enjoying the outdoors; volunteering, are all too White. Yet not one of these activities are zero-sum games. One more White cyclist doesn’t mean one less space for a non-White person. There is no limit to the number of people who can be involved in the green movement.

It seems that simply seeing White people together is enough to brand the event or activity too white.

Even enjoying nature is too White. The Lake District could ‘miss out on funding and also lose relevance’ if it doesn’t change says Richard Leafe Chief Executive at Lake District National Park Authority.

Just as the Black mothers group is for Black mums, and the Asian media awards is for Asians, so this site is for White people.

Article published 16 August 2020

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