White People’s Stories

Our society does not give a high priority to telling the stories of White people. Here we describe the lives of individual Whites in order to provide a better balance and explore the adversity some White people experience.

Tony Timpa (1984 – 2016)

Our article looks at US statistics for death at hands of the police and of the homicide of Tony Timpa, a White man whose killing went virtually unnoticed. It also reveals the extent to which Floyd’s death has been used to vilify Whites and incite victimhood among Black people in the US and the UK. Harming both, and the relationships between non-Whites and Whites, in the process.

Covington Boys

Within hours of an encounter between these boys and a group of Native American Indians a video had gone viral. Activists, prepared to destroy these boy’s lives to advance their cause, pushed a narrative which led to vilification of and death threats against the school boys. This article looks at how this happened, and how justice was eventually achieved, with the Covington boys being fully vindicated, apologies made and others successfully sued.

Published 1 February 2021