Now Called ‘White Supremacy’

This week we’ve seen a significant ratcheting up in the language and concepts used to defame White people.

Three antiwhite stories came to light, from across countries and disciplines. A national museum in Scotland; a public school in America; and a professional networking site with global reach. Each advancing the language used to vilify us to new levels and all carrying the same message – White supremacy is simply White people existing in White societies.

LinkedIn, a professional networking site owned by Microsoft, has 760 million registered members across 150 countries. This organisation offers online training, which includes a course on ‘Confronting Racism’ developed and delivered by Robin DiAngelo, the author of White Fragility. It’s understood that Coca-Cola is forcing its employees to complete this antiwhite training.

Extracts from the seven segments of DiAngelo’s course, accessed through LinkedIn, are posted below.

This course portrays White people as inherently ‘bad’. The antiwhite concepts are framed in such a way that no White person can exempt themselves from this portrayal. Anything a White person says in their defense, or simply to portray themselves as the person they actually are, is turned against them. DiAngelo uses disagreement with her ideology as evidence of White people’s fragility – which she argues is a means Whites use to ‘maintain White dominance’.

Short slideshow of Robin DiAngelo describing ‘White fragility‘ :-

When it comes to attitudes towards non Whites, there are no acceptable responses from White people, except to own that Whites are indeed bad. Being Color-Blind (viewing everyone as an individual irrespective of their race) is not a defense, but neither is being Color-Celebrate (seeing races as different and embracing those differences). There is no way out.

Short slideshow recounting how being Color-Blind marks a White person out as a dangerous person :-

Two particular sections of DiAngelo’s training course reveal the ratcheting up of antiwhite language and concepts.

The first is that both DiAngelo and Linkedin have no problem with the bold assertion that to be White is to be oppressive, arrogant, certain, defensive and ignorant when it comes to race.

Such a portrayal of an entire race cannot but inspire hatred and resentment against that race, but that is only part of the problem. Being of the White race is a immutable characteristic. DiAngelo is demanding we be less of who we are. Shadows of ourselves. Less White. Less people of European descent. It is dehumanising.

The second is her portrayal of what constitutes ‘White supremacy’. What she is describing is White society:

DiAngleo’s definition goes way beyond ‘White supremacy’ as extremism. The term now covers the society we live in, which she erroneously describes as one that holds up Whites as the human ideal, and non whites as a deviation from that ideal.

Short slideshow of DiAngelo describing ‘White Supremacy’ as ‘the society we live in’ :-

This is problematic at many levels. Firstly simply based on it’s lack of truthfulness. Whites are by no means portrayed as the ideal. They are more often portrayed as the problem.

Further than that, this rhetoric is dangerous as it conflates a wish to see White societies continue and flourish, with terrorism. By so doing it portrays even the most gentle of aspirations as a threat to America and the world:

Somewhat encouraging are individual members of LinkedIn who gave clear feedback on their objections to the training course. With antiwhite indoctrination such as this, the antiwhites run the risk of waking people up to their victimisation of Whites, hopefully as much as they may subsume individuals into their cult.

Extracts from the feedback to LinkedIn regarding the ‘Confronting Racism’ course :-

The Hunterian, Scotland’s oldest public museum created the position of Curator of Discomfort. ‘Change cannot happen without discomfort’ goes the mantra.

Apart from the Macpherson report which was produced some twenty two years ago, the remaining justification for this role centres round ‘White supremacy’.

In the article written by the new curator (extracts posted below), we are referred to the idea that both historically and now the White race is viewed as superior. She goes on to explain that this idea of superiority was created so White people would justify their slavery, genocide, looting and plundering. This White centric view ignores the fact that these abhorrent practices were carried out by all races.

White supremacy is an economic and cultural system in which white western ideas control the power of the text, the material resources and the ideas of cultural superiority.” says the author. In other words ‘White supremacy’ is White society. It would be natural for Whites to believe their culture is superior for them, that’s the nature of culture. Just as Asians could be expected to value and advance their culture, and Arabs and Blacks likewise.

The question that needs to be asked is why a world minority, White people at about 10% of the worlds population and falling, cannot be allowed a corner of this earth to enjoy their own culture, especially when there are no such objections to Arab culture in the Middle East, Asian culture in Asia or Black culture in Africa.

The principal of New York’s East Side Community School, Mark Federman, sent a letter to White parents which included the graphics posted below, telling them they must become “white traitors” and then advocate for full “white abolition.” Barnor Hesse, a professor at Northwestern University created the graphics, but the concept itself originates from a Marxist theory called the “pedagogy of the oppressed” created by Paulo Freire.

According to Chritopher Rufo who first reported on this story… “The letter’s use of “white abolition” is also troubling. Federman and Hesse claim to want to abolish “whiteness” as a cultural and social construct, but they also use the term to describe an immutable racial essence. As University of New Mexico professor Geoffrey Miller has observed: Applied to any other group, this would sound like a monstrous euphemism for mass extermination and cultural annihilation.”

As with the two previous cases, White supremacy is portrayed in the graphics as the preservation of White society. The goal set for White people being to become a traitor (double-crosser, Judas, snake in the grass, deserter) and then onto a White abolitionist.

East Side Community School is encouraging parents to change American institutions from being based on Western culture to Black, Asian, or Arabic. They are urged to destroy what it is to be White.

This is extreme dehumanisation of White people and their societies, but in this age this is portrayed as acceptable. What is seen as unacceptable is to challenge it.

Published 22 February 2021