The White Supremacy of White Children

White Supremacy has long been a phrase that elicits fear and anger. It is seen as abhorrent and requiring of control and eradication. It is perceived as a direct threat to the well being and safety of nonwhites – and now it is being applied to White children in our schools.

Brighton and Hove City Council have developed a five-year ‘anti-racist’ education strategy comprising workshops, focus groups and ‘anti-racist’ training for teachers and pupils. The racial literacy 101 training course which is rooted in critical race theory, and from which this slide on White Supremacy is part, has already been delivered to hundreds of school governors and teachers.

PowerPoint Slide from the Brighton and Hove Teacher Training Course defining White Supremacy

The components of White Supremacy referred to in the racial literacy 101 training course are many. Taken as a whole the definition can be interpreted as White Supremacy is White people existing as humans.

White Supremacy is:

  • ‘But what about me?’
  • Being a self appointed White Ally
  • Claiming reverse racism
  • Euro-centric curriculum
  • ‘Don’t blame me I never owned slaves’
  • Anti-immigration policies / practices
  • Fearing POC
  • ‘What about the…’
  • White Saviour Complex
  • Cultural appropriation
  • Expecting POC to teach white people
  • Assuming good intentions are enough
  • Colour blindness
  • But we are just one human family
  • Denial of White Privilege
  • Believing we are “post racial”
  • Hiring discrimination
  • Not believing experiences of POC

White Supremacy means White people existing as humans. Dictate that White adults, and children, do none of these things and you create a race of people who are nothing more than vassals to nonwhites. The integrity of their thoughts and actions are determined by nonwhites. How they run their societies is determined by nonwhites. They have no agency, they are forbidden from defending themselves from attack, and Black voices are always in the right.

Adopted at a societal level, Whites would become ‘sub-human’. One can only assume this is the intention; starting with today’s teachers, and tomorrow’s citizens and decision makers – our children.

If Brighton and Hove should wish to argue this particular slide, and the defining of White Supremacy, will not form part of the education of four year olds they can, but it means nothing. Through the training of governors, who set the ethos of the school, and teachers who are responsible for developing young minds, they are creating the environment within which these young children will grow up. White kids will learn that any attempt to be an individual, free from constraints uniquely imposed on them due to their race, will risk them being branded White Supremacists, whether that phrase is used directly or not. Nonwhite children will be taught to see White children as a threat, while paradoxically learning that it is they who have the power to exert control over their White counterparts, should they so wish.

It should be illegal. It is illegal, but you’d never know.

It is thought that many school governors and teachers will wish to oppose this indoctrination, but the personal and professional cost of doing so cannot be overstated. Already we have learned that the Department for Education have assured the council that the Racial literacy training course is ‘wholly in compliance with recently issued guidance‘. This despite the fact that the course is based on critical race theory, which just 18 months ago Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch declared was illegal, to teach as fact, in schools.

As reported in Don’t Divide us Newsletter 11th March 2022:

What of the individual components of White Supremacy as defined by Brighton and Hove City Council?

White Supremacy is “Don’t blame me I never owned slaves”

Racial literacy’s definition of White Supremacy attributes slave ownership to Whites and only Whites. Yet the truth of slavery is that it was an evil practiced by every race; every race was enslaved; historic slavery was ended by White people, in the face of opposition and resistance from every other race, as the two short video below discuss.

Why this provincial view of a world wide evil?
Real History of Slavery in 2 Minutes
Western civilisation against the world
Real History of Slavery in 2 Minutes

But this doesn’t stop Brighton and Hove City Council instructing governors, teachers and children, in the belief that simply asserting this truth is White Supremacy. Neither does it stop them blaming White children, and only White children, for an historic evil of which they played no part. The end point of this training is to instill guilt in White children; mistrust and resentment of Whites in nonwhite kids, and to silence disagreement.

White Supremacy is Anti Immigration Policies / Practices

While Africans, Asians, Jews and Arabs have their own homelands with immigration polices determined by the government of those lands, it is White Supremacy for White nations, UK, France, Ireland, Iceland to mention a few, to have policies for theirs.

We have seen photos from schools of children holding posters welcoming refugees, but this takes it many stages further. It is indoctrinating children to believe that wanting borders, wanting to have a say in who comes to their country, and the values and customs they bring with them, makes them an evil person.

Control of borders and polices on immigration is practiced throughout the world. Are the immigration policies of Kenya called Black Supremacy; are Indians demonised as Asian Supremacists for their borders ? But here’s the catch, A catch that is built into every critical race theory tenet. To ask if these same principles apply to other races is to prove how uniquely evil and privileged White people are. White Supremacy is “What about the..?” Despite the global framework we now live in, to refer to the world at large is, in itself, an act of White Supremacy. No opposing view, no wider perspective is allowed.

White Supremacy is “But what about me?”

Thinking particularly about the children this material will impact on. The White child bombarded with messages of guilt and privilege may well think “But what about me?”. “What about the fact that I’m working class, abused, poor or failing?” “What if I’m bullied for being White?” Those thoughts cannot be articulated. The White child is not allowed to consider themselves. That is White Supremacy. It is only nonwhites who warrant concern and interest. The White child is just to be their vassal. This should concern us all.

White Supremacy is not believing experiences of POC

While the White adult or child is forbidden from defending themselves or putting their own thoughts and needs forward, Black people are given the status of those who must be believed under all circumstances. Combine these two doctrines and White children are seriously at risk of being bullied or worse and having no voice and no one to hear them.

Let’s look at how the ‘racist homophobic attack’ on Jessie Smollett was presented:

The reality was exposed because two Black men came forward with the truth, but for them two innocent white men could have been jailed.

Experience has shown that children are also capable of lying.

White Supremacy is Denial of White Privilege & Claiming reverse racism

The definition of White Privilege is updated as fast as the old version is debunked, but suffice to say the overall ethos is ‘White people benefit from their White skin in a way they don’t deserve and at the expense of nonwhites’. The concept incites guilt in Whites and hatred and envy in nonwhites despite being indefensible when faced with factual evidence.

But now White school children are to live in a world where they must accept they have White privilege or be identified as White Supremacists. There is no way out for them – they are damned.

White Supremacy isBut we are just one human family’ and Colour blindness

In the 60’s and 70’s even through to the 90’s children were bought up to believe race does not define us. Beyond the colour of our skin there is no inherent difference between us and people should be judged by their individual merits, not the race they were born into. That idea subsequently became ‘racist’. Now, if you are White, believing it is evidence of your White Supremacy. The doctrine is, White adults and children must notice the race of everyone they encounter. They must treat nonwhites in a different way to how they treat other whites, and in a different way than they themselves can expect to be treated.

A series of short video from the Channel 4 programme The schools That Tried to End Racism amply illustrates this. All the children in these videos are victims of this harmful indoctrination.

The Black child explains to her White contemporary how she must communicate with a nonwhite in order to avoid being condemned as racist.

The second video illustrates just how painful and stifling potential accusations of racism are to the White children featured in this series.

The third extract illustrates how the facilitators are well aware of how painful the day to day battle to ‘not be racist’ is to these White pupils and how difficult they are finding these discussions. Interestingly there is no indication of compassion, by either woman.

White Supremacy is Cultural appropriation

Cultural appropriation [of nonwhite culture] is White Supremacy, but neither our society nor critical race theory demand similar constraints for the appropriation of White culture. Indeed Whites retaining their culture, their history, myths and folk law is anathema to the purveyors of critical race theory.

That aside, what does this mean for a White child who wishes to play with his Black friends? Who determines whether the games are the heritage of Black people? What happens when the young White boy copies, as children are want to do, the Black slang of this friend? How are White children to navigate these rules and remain children?

White Supremacy is White Saviour Complex

White saviour complex is not well defined in most dictionaries. Here Collins makes a stab at its meaning. It’s a White person who helps nonwhite people but who “MAY feel morally superior” for doing so.’s definition (below) is similar; white saviour complex is a white person helping or rescuing nonwhites “from a position of superiority”.

What Is White Savior Complex and Why Is It Harmful? |

White saviour complex has been highlighted in connection with charities, in particular Comic Relief, adoption and volunteering.

In critical race theory it is not for the White person to determine or identify their own motivators or the reasons for their actions. Indeed a white person identifying themselves as an ally of nonwhites is demonstrating their White Supremacy (White Supremacy is being a self appointed White Ally). Only nonwhites can ‘know’ the motivation or thoughts of the White person, and only nonwhites can validate those thoughts. It is up to the nonwhite to determine if an attempt to help others is simply that or is White saviour complex. The concept as well as denigrating a single race also diminishes that’s race’s legitimacy.

White saviour complex has also been extended to how White and nonwhite people are portrayed in book and film, and has been used to demonise ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, ‘Glory’ and ‘Gran Torino’ among others. The inherent message is Whites must not be portrayed as being of assistance, in any form, to nonwhites and in particular to Black people.

Whites and only Whites are condemned for helping nonwhites, while being required to help nonwhites – White Supremacy is assuming good intentions are enough. They help must be given from a point of knowledge and understanding while remembering that expecting POC to teach white people is White Supremacy. “Damned if you do, damned if your don’t” comes to mind, but this saying does nothing to reflect the seriousness of the Catch 22 White adults and White children are being placed in.

That this course wasn’t halted by the Department for Education is a travesty. A travesty for the governors and teachers; the children of Brighton and Hove; and for the message it sends to other councils and schools who may be considering similar harmful initiatives.

The DfE’s decision makes it still harder to stop this evil indoctrination, but also increases the need for us to be proactive in trying to do just that. If you have any information on the teaching of critical race theory in school please alert us, anonymously if you wish, via our Whistleblowers form below and we will publicise on your behalf.

Please complete this form to report the teaching of antiwhite beliefs and/or critical race theory. The information you provide will be used anonymously. Your name (real or an alias) and your email address will be treated as confidential and will not be passed on to any individual or organisation. If you have any questions about the form or our actions please email WSO at Thank you.

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Published 16 March 2022